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My Skincare Journey with IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) - Part 2

After incorporating IDS Skincare products into my daily routine for quite a while now, I went back again to experience my first facial treatment with them. I don't usually do facial treatments all that often, but every time I get to do so, It always leaves me with glowing skin thereafter. As such, I was really excited to be trying their award-winning Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment!

In my opinion, getting a facial treatment would most definitely rejuvenate any skin. A facial is a form of treatment for your skin. It generally involves deep cleansing of the pores, skin exfoliation, removal of dead skin, and also the treatment for basic skin concerns with the help of massages, face masks, etc.

I feel that having regular facial treatments are a great addition to incorporate into your skincare regime. as it can further help to keep your skin healthy and glowing too. Personally for myself, some of the benefits includes reducing stress as facial is me pampering myself, and as such, it helps to reduce anxiety and uplifts my mode. Other benefits include having my skin thoroughly cleaned and improving blood circulation.

Upon arriving at IDS Novena again and after clearing the standard protocol of safe-entry check-in and temperature checks, I was swiftly brought into a room where the nurse would ask and enquire about my skin conditions and concerns. I shared with her that my skin can be rather dry around the eye area, as well as quite bad dark eye circles. 

The nurse then recommended two facial treatment options for me to try: the Hydro-therapeutics Treatment which was award-winning, or the Cyro Therapeutics Treatment. I chose the former.

The Award-Winning Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment

The Hydro-therapeutics Facial Treatment from IDS is an award-winning facial treatment that everyone can benefit from as it is created for all skin types. It works hard through various levels of deep cleansing to remove accumulated dirt, product build-up, and clogged sebum that no regular cleanser can. 

Some of the benefits include:

- Crystal Clear Skin

- Unclogged pores

- Cellular regeneration.

- Increase collagen production

- Reduced lines and wrinkles.

Here's a quick summary of what to expect when you're experiencing the facial treatment (info gotten from IDS website):

1) Double Cleansing - Started off by performing a thorough cleansing. IDS Cleansers were used to remove some of my sunscreen and light eye concealers.

2) MDX (Microdermabrasion) - After cleaning the skin, the next step involves a procedure where a crystal tip is rubbed against my skin to remove the upper layers of blemished skin and dead skin cells. I felt that the suction sensation was bearable, and in fact, I kinda like it. Haha. This step is used to smoothen and improve the texture of your facial skin.

3) Ultrasonic Cleansing - Next up, I was being treated to a treatment where it incorporates ultrasonic wave motion for the renewal of aged skin cells.

4) Extractions - Right after Ultrasonic Cleansing, It was then time for extractions. This step is vital to keep the pores clean. I must say that my pain tolerance threshold is quite minimal, and this entire process does hurt a little, especially when the blackheads were being extracted out. But it was bearable for sure. 

5) Ultrasonic Penetration of Vitamin C - After extracting, vitamin C was applied to my face using a mild electrical current to ensure the deeper layers of the skin absorbed for a brighter skin. 

6) Mask-Whitening, Soothing, or Anti-Acne - I chose the soothing mask for this step. A really gentle and herbal-scented facial mask was applied to my face for about 15 minutes.

That concludes my Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment! In summary, the entire facial treatment was really easy on the skin for me. It left my skin glowy and smooth, and my pores were mostly no longer clogged too. Even days thereafter, I could still see that glow on my skin which lasted for a week or two. 

I am more than satisfied and happy to recommend anybody who wants to try a good facial treatment to give IDS's Hydro-Therapeutics Facial Treatment a shot! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

My Skincare Journey with IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) - Part 1

Being relatively new to dermatological and aesthetic treatments, and seeing friends around me constantly sharing about their skincare journey has led me to wonder if I should be doing something more for my skin. Needless to say, I was thrilled when IDS ( Innovative Dermatological Solutions ) invited me to experience a personalized skincare journey with them. 

Everyone's skin reacts differently. And did you know, even two different individuals facing the same acne issues will not be advised to use the same set of skincare products? Well.. that is why IDS created a customized treatment specifically for me, and also because #IDServe good skin. Heh. I mean, who doesn't?

In this skincare journey with IDS, I will be exploring using the products and services of the 3 IDS entities - IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics, and IDS Skincare. I'll be breaking down the blog post into 3 different parts in 2 blog entries, Namely, IDS Skincare Products, the Award-Winning Facial Hyrdo-Therapeutic Facial Treatment, and the Forever Young BBL Treatment for Anti-Age. 

This first post will focus on my first experience with IDS Novena, as well as their Skincare Product Range.

About IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions)

IDS is a homegrown brand that was launched back in 2014, which launched IDS Clinic and their Skincare products. As for the clinic, they are offering innovative and effective treatments at affordable and reasonable prices, without sacrificing quality and professionalism. IDS Clinic is helmed by Dr. SK Tan, an industry expert with 30 years of experience. For the Skincare Range, the clinic also offers products that are designed to address the most common skin problems and formulated to deliver maximum efficacy.

IDS carries 3 different sub-brands - IDS Clinic, IDS Skincare, and IDS Aesthetics

 My First Experience with IDS Novena, and their Skincare Product range. 

I chose to have my sessions at their clinic outlet over at Novena, while IDS also have another outlet at Orchard. Living pretty close by to Novena, this location was readily accessible to me, and it is pretty centrally located helped too, as well as connected to Novena MRT station. 
Upon reaching the clinic, I was first asked to scan myself in via safe entry and get my temperature taken, before being ushered to a corner to fill up my particulars in a form, 

My first impressions were great. This was my first time in any aesthetic clinic, and I must say that it was a lot cleaner and well organized than I expected. The place itself exuded professional clinical vibes all around.

After waiting for some time, I was then brought to a room to have my photos taken via a professional camera with a pretty cool gimbal set up which allows the mobility of the camera in a seamless way. So these photos are taken for us to see the difference 2-3 months down the road. Also, they will be used for IDS Health and Medical publications, as well as for their own marketing purposes. You have the option to opt-out for sure, but I was totally fine with it.

After the photo-taking,  I was then ushered into a consultation room with my treating doctor. The doctor's room was really neat and pleasant looking. Upon discussing w the doctor, I explained to him about my main skin concerns, as well as explanation and proper communication of skincare woes. For me - it was mainly my dark circles which were very very obvious, even from afar. The doctor did mention that unfortunately, dark circles on the underage are likely due to hereditary. and it would be almost impossible to completely remove them. Most eye creams would just not be able to do so. However, he did suggest and recommend some skincare products (eye cream included that will help to ease and reduce the dark circles a little) for me to try out in my skincare routine.

So, the assigned doctor recommended the skincare products in their initials. For example, Eye Rescue = ER. He shared a bunch of skincare products in their initials, and I really couldn't keep up. Knowing that I was lost halfway, they did say that they will write down the order of the usage of the product for my easy referencing, which proves to be super helpful.

Overall, the consultation with the doctor didn't take too long, about under 15 minutes. I was then brought back to another room where the nurse explained the products I will be getting in greater detail. This part was really helpful in my opinion, as you get to clarify things shared earlier. 

These are the products that I received from IDS that catered for my main skin issues and concerns:


Delicate Cleansers (C2) -
 A cleanser mild enough for sensitive skin, it lathers into a soft foam to help remove regular makeup as well as lift away surface dirt, grime, and pollutants. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant botanical extracts to help combat redness, environmental stress and soften the skin. This product is ideal for normal to dry/sensitive skin.

Delicate Toner (T2) - 
Fortified with natural plant extracts to enhance hydration and soothing properties, this delicate toner refreshes and invigorates skin instantly, while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. It also aids in skin regeneration and the condition of superficially damaged skin. This product is ideal for all normal to dry/sensitive skin types.

C-Plus (C+) -
popular age-defense serum is formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C, coupled with Nobel Prize ‘Fullerenes’ and Tocopheryl to exhibit a superior antioxidant action and strong collagen stimulation — resulting in a ‘wrinkle-free’ effect along with significant skin brightening. Ideal for all skin types.

Rejuvenating Complex (RC) - 
This potent anti-aging cream is designed to counter the ravages of time, environmental and sun damage on your skin. It contains unique ingredients to boost collagen and elastin production, dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines like never before. Skin appears firmer, smoother, and revitalized. It is also developed with IDS’ patented and proprietary NEULASTIN formulation and delivery system to ensure effective absorption of active ingredients. Ideal for all mature individuals or anyone wishing to have finer, smoother skin.

Recovering Serum (RS) - 
An enriched serum to help reduce redness and irritation, stabilizing skin immunity and capillary integrity, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin tone. This product is ideal for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, and irritated skin.

Eye Rescue (ER) - 
A super-strength eye concentrate that is packed with everything you need to reduce visible signs of aging and renew your eyes. Its balm-like texture cocoons the delicate eye area while strengthening and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, under-eye dark circles, and puffiness. This product is ideal for all skin types.

Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+ PA +++ - 
A versatile sunscreen in a universal shade that provides sheer coverage for those who don’t want to leave the house bare-faced. This non-oily product is a combination (organic and non-organic) SPF 50+, PA+++ sunscreen lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin to help prevent the harmful effects of UV radiation and sunburn. It also contains botanical extracts and antioxidants to protect and prevent skin from the effects of photo-aging. Ideal for normal skin.


I proceeded to collect the products from the dispensary where it was then further confirmed again in terms of the products given to me. I proceeded to sign off for the products before I could take my leave.

The entire duration I spent at IDS Clinic was less than 1.5 hours. With a proper process in place, everything felt like it was planned accordingly, and there was never a moment where I felt "lost". The doctor and nurses were extremely friendly too, and they are helpful as well. 

Here's coming from someone who only has a 2 step facial routine, I have now incorporated IDS Skincare Products into my daily routine, and I must say that it has helped me in more ways than one.

I will be sharing in another blog post with regards to my experience with IDS' Award Winning Facial - The Hyrdo-Therapeutic Facial Treatment, and their Forever young BBL Treatment for Anti-Age. Stay tuned for that! 

More info on IDS can be found on their website here, and their products at IDS Skincare or at JYX Shop.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

@Lkzxphotography - June 19 Collection

So I decided to upload some of my works here as well. Cheers. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

REVIEW: Adexe's THEY - Grande Black and Rose Gold

I've personally visited multiple stores in London where they have really pretty and cool watches there. From the really expensive ones to the really chic and affordable ones. I'm happy to share that the good folks from Adexe recently sent a watch over for my review, and it's none other than the THEY - Grande Black and Rose Gold.

THEY - Grande Black and Rose Gold. Image courtesy of Adexe

About Adexe

Adexe is a brand born out of London, UK, which believes that their community deserves 100%. In other words, they pride themselves on being totally vertically integrated from material sousing and designing right through to production. 

From really pretty rose gold based watches to those authetic leather wrist straps, it was a sight to behold when it first arrived. Everything looked styled and purposefully luxurious feels.

THEY - Grande Black and Rose Gold

The watch came in a colourful Adexe featured box, that has the logo on top. I was also pleasantly surprised, as it came in 2 coloured straps for me to choose whichever that best matches the occasion or outfit. I had the Black and the Brown leather straps.

The range of watch "They" is a unisex series, which are suitable for both women and men. The strap is in an authentic genuine Italian classic leather strap. 

The watch features  a rose gold coloured Bezel and a Japanese Miyota VD76 movement which is battery operated that last usually about 2-3 years.

Here are some of the important details of the watch, which I took from Adexe's website information:

100% Produced and Designed In-House
Classic Multifunction dial: Day - Date - Second
Case material: Hand-Polished All Stainless Steel
Case size: 41mm diameter 
Band Width: 20 mm 
Glass: Curved Hardened Crystal 
Straps: Hand-Made Genuine Italian leather
Waterproof: 3 ATM
Movement: Japanese Miyota VD76
Battery: 2 - 3 years
SKU: 1868A - 06

My Thoughts on the watch

The THEY Grande Black and Rose watch reeks of elegance and style. It's definitely a smart looking watch. I really like how the face of the watch isn't as small as I thought it'll be, as well as the finishing. It makes it easy to pair for both women and men.

Being somebody who owns multiple watches, I really like how much quality this watch is on its own, as well as keeping the minimalistic style true to its story. Being 100% designed and produced by their own, they are able to maintain that quality that most people will be looking for. 

The leather watch strap doesn't just look good too, but it feels comfortable on the wrist, and you can just tell that its of a good quality. 

I personally would totally recommend this watch that can be worn in many different occasions and styling. Its a good versatile watch, that doesn't cost a lot as well.

Retailing at 129 pound from Adexe based in London that happens to come with free international shipping as well, I think that this makes a perfect gift for a loved one.

There're many other really cool designs as well on their website. So be sure to head on there to explore. Chances are, you might just get one pair for yourself too.

**This post was written in collaboration with Adexe.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

My getaway experience with One Faber Group: a weekend of fun activities offered under their Refreshed Faber License

A part of me always wanted to go on a ride on the Singapore Cable Car and explore Mount Faber and Sentosa Island, but never had the chance (or time or initiative) to do it due to various reasons and procrastination. So, when the invite came from One Faber Group to embark on a weekend escapade of fun-filled activities and dining on Faber Peak Singapore and Sentosa Island – as a platform to share more about their refreshed Faber Licence - it was an offer too good to refuse! 

What is the One Faber Group Refreshed Faber Licence? 

This is an annual membership (valued at $39 for individual and $135 for family of four) that grants members unlimited cable car rides and exclusive privileges for dining, shopping, and other services with One Faber Group and its various island partners. 

The newly refreshed Faber Licence is also fully digital. This means it is card-less and members can access their account via web app ( where they can look up a long list of activities and privileges - anytime, anywhere!

            Find out more here:

Checking in at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Pic courtesy of

The whole experience commenced when I first arrive at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa at 11am to check -in. I was ushered to a private row at the extreme end of the lobby, where the concierge team took my bags to safe keep them as the check-in period was only available from 3pm onwards. 

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa is a luxurious resort located in Sentosa Island with 140 5-star rooms, suites, villas, and a mansion. The resort is a 10-minute drive away from Singapore’s CBD and shopping districts, and it is within walking distance to popular attractions like USS and many others. 

Staycationers Alert! The refreshed Faber Licence lets you enjoy 15% offthe best available rate at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. Simply log on to the webapp ( and make your booking via this portal (click on “Stay” icon). In fact, there are two other hotel partners you can choose from: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa & Siloso Beach Resort, which offers 20% off best available rate and 15% off for Deluxe Room respectively. With these cost savings, perhaps it is time to explore a (nearby) island staycation for the weekend!

As I exited the hotel, the staff told me that the resort is within walking distance to Imbiah Lookout Station, where I would commence my first activity of the day - that is to experience the cable car ride from Sentosa to Mount Faber.

It took less than 10 minutes of leisurely stroll where I took time to bask in the serene environment and before I knew it, I arrived at the Imbiah Lookout station of the Sentosa Line.

As you take a stroll to Imbiah Lookout Station you can see the Sentosa Merlion from afar (it’s 37metres tall!) It is also known as the Guardian of Prosperity and the only Merlion in Singapore that people can enter to check out an exhibition showcasing new digital content that tells the story about this mythical creature! 

Find out more here:

Use your Faber Licence when you are visiting the Sentosa Merlion to enjoy 50% off the admission (up to 6 tickets)! 

In a cable car cabin on the Sentosa Line. With my refreshed Faber Licence, I get to enjoy unlimited free cable car rides for a year! But what if I am bringing family and friends along? Well I can use my membership to buy up to 6 Sky Passes (up to 6 tickets) at 50% off!

If you intend to shuttle back and forth on the cable car, take note of its operating hours which is from 8.45am till 10pm (Last boarding at 9.30pm!)

Ps: Do you know that there are 2 cable car lines in Singapore? The Mount Faber Line connects 3 stations from Faber Peak Singapore, HarbourFront Tower and Sentosa Island, while the Sentosa Line connects 3 stations at the Merlion Sentosa, Imbiah Lookout and Siloso Point. Find out more:

Lunch at Arbora + Faber Peak Singapore

The whole journey from Imbiah Lookout station to Mount Faber Station took about 30 mins, which includes the transferring of cable lines where I alighted at Merlion Station (Sentosa Line) and took a short walk to Sentosa Station (Mount Faber Line). 

Oh, and I learned that the restaurant name "Arbora" is derived from the Latin word "Arbor", which refers to trees. The inspiration for this name comes from its distinguished location: Arbora is actually surrounded by Mount Faber Park - one of Singapore’s earliest parks - which sprawls over 40 hectares of verdant treetops and home to a variety of flora and fauna. That’s quite a bit of depth to its name, don’t you think?

Find out more here:

This feature wall at Arbora features real plants! A perfect backdrop for selfies and group photos.

Herb-Roasted Half Chicken

Mexican Ribs

My friend and I got ourselves a sharing deal named “Angsana” which consists of 2 mains, 1 snack and 1 dessert for $75. It was a pretty good deal in my opinion, considering the view, vibes and unique hilltop gardening dining experience. 

I was particularly impressed with the Chilli Crab Potato Skins, which we ordered as our snack.  The full flavour of the chili crab slathered on top the fried potato skin was simply irresistible and left my friend and I wanting for more!

Remember to show your Faber Licence when dining at Arbora to enjoy 20% off total bill. ButIf you dine after 6pm, a minimum spend of $50 applies.

After a hearty lunch at Arbora, we took some time to explore a little bit of Faber Peak Singapore, such as the Bell of Happiness, Happy Drill,and the colorful Happy Steps.  Very pretty spot for lots of photo opportunities I must say. It was definitely a pleasant experience exploring them. 

Bell of Happiness

Happy Steps

GoGreen Segway Fun Ride + Skyline Luge & Skyride

After exploring Faber Peak, we took the cable car back to Sentosa Island to pursue our activities in Sentosa. The ride back on the cable car was slightly different as we get to enjoy an aerial view of Sentosa Island and the Harbourfront.

The very first activity we did was the Segway Fun Ride, offered by Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure ( These Segway Personal Transporters are so cool as it was my first time riding them as well. I also really like how they have an introductory lesson first from the trainers, before bringing you for a short 30 mins riding session where I was able to ride the Segway from their base which is near Beach Station, all the way to Palawan Beach and back. 

If you are a Faber Licence member, you get to redeem (one time only) for a 1-for-1 Segway Fun Ride (800 metres) and 1-for-1 Bicycle Rental (2hr). 

Posing after mastering the Segway Transporter

Another activity we did on Sentosa Island was the Skyline Luge & Skyride ( quick introduction of Skyline Luge – it has hosted 45 million rides worldwide and counting! There are 2 unique types of experience – the Luge and the Skyride. Book via the Faber Licence web app ( to enjoy $2 off 2, 4, 6 Luge & Skyride Combo tickets.

The Luge is a fun-filled gravity thrill ride where I was able to maneuver the luge around the track. It was pretty similar to Go-Cart, but it uses a unique breaking and steering system. 

I was also able to choose the track which I embarked on – such as the 688 metre Dragon Trial, 628 metre Jungle Trail, or try the newer tracks such as the 658 metre long Expedition that has hairpin corners and exciting slopes. 

It was a challenge to snap photos with my professional camera during this activity, so here are some of the pics taken from various sources to give you an idea!

After the fun and intense ride, we proceeded to the Skyride. This ride was initially legit scary for me as we get onto higher heights. But I figured that it’s safe and once I got the hang of it, the fear went away immediately as I was enthralled by the scenic views!

Hopping onto the Skyride allows me to have a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island and the skyline view of Singapore. 

Dinner at Good Old Days Restaurant + Wings of Time show

Times flies when we were having fun and it was close to dinner by the time we ended the previous two activities, so we adjourned to Good Old Days Restaurant ( This is a family-friendly halal restaurant on Sentosa Island (near Beach Station, Sentosa Express Monorail) which serves up delicious local cuisine such as Laksa, Chicken Rice, Nasi Briyani and many familiar selections at reasonable pocket friendly prices.

The variety and quality of the dishes in this restaurant definitely reminded me of the good old memories of local delights. The black and white interior of the restaurant is reminiscent of the colonial houses that still exist in Singapore today. They have À la carteand buffet options depending on your appetite: I opted for the buffet option as it was a deal at $20+ per pax and I was famished after a day of activities! Good Old Days is open from 11am – 10pm daily and the buffet is available from 5pm – 10pm daily

Again, remember to use your Faber Licence at Good Old Days to enjoy 20% off total bill, which applies for the buffet too! If you dine after 6pm, a minimum spend of $30 applies.

To end the night, we adjourned to Wings of Time show right after dinner. Located adjacent to Good Old Days restaurant, Wings of time is a spectacular night show set outdoors against the backdrop of an open sea. The day in Sentosa is definitely incomplete without catching this award-winning outdoor night show. 

Wings of Time ( incorporates awe-inspiring display of water, laser, and fire effects, set to majestic music, which takes you on an adventure through several exotic vistas.

The show lasts 20 mins and ends with a grand finale of fireworks display. Every moment was truly photo- and Instagram- worthy and it was a spectacular way to end the night on a high note!

If you are hosting overseas visitors or spending time with friends and family to enjoy a multisensorial performance, create memories together by catching the Wings of Time – especially when you have the Faber Licence which lets you enjoy 50% off admission for up to six tickets. 

I called it a night and returned to Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa where I had one of the most comfortable hotel stays! I had discovered so much about Faber Peak Singapore and Sentosa Island in just one day but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are in fact many experiences to be had and I think I may need to return a few times to fully experience all that One Faber Group has to offer!

Whether you are a foodie, adventure junkie, leisure seeker, or looking for something for the whole family to enjoy together, the refreshed Faber Licence is certainly a smart investment (only $39 for a year for an individual and $135 for family of four!!) to enjoy cost savings for a slew of lifestyle choices. Just consider the savings I enjoyed today with all the activities and hotel stay, you can bet it already exceeded $39! How’s that for stretching your dollars?

Big love to One Faber Group for the kind arrangements of all the stay and activities, as well as Word of Mouth for the kind arrangements. I had a blast, and I’ll most definitely recommend you to sign up for the refreshed Faber Licence if you want to enjoy value for money lifestyle options and attractions offered by One Faber Group! 

** This post is written in collaboration with One Faber Group.